Our know-how lies both in the selection of materials and in sustainable manufacturing techniques.

We manufacture our entire collection by hand in Spain to guarantee the highest quality, comfort and style. We control the creative and manufacturing process from start to finish, with the collaboration of expert craftsmen who make an effort every day to ensure that their work lasts. Just sewing a pair of espadrilles, for example, we spend more than half an hour working by hand, which shows the care we put into each piece to achieve a perfect, comfortable and long-lasting finish.

Handmade fabrics.

Fabrics are one of our main hallmarks. We use Mallorcan fabrics known as “teles de llengües” due to their characteristic faded edges in the shape of a flame or tongue of fire. Its unique and varied finishes, inspired by the Mediterranean landscape, can only be achieved on looms where the millennialIkat technique is still used, in which the thread is dyed in the traditional way before being woven. In addition, Greek artisans exclusively make the trimmings that decorate some of our products.

Our designs are original and unique, the result of a careful study of the fabrics, the ergonomics of each model and the most successful combinations of tones. We are looking for elegant and sophisticated espadrilles and bags , that adapt to your day-to-day life and that you can use both to go to work, to the beach or to dinner with friends.



We are sustainable because we use natural materials and respectful manufacturing techniques
with the environment.


Mallorcan fabrics, known as “teles de llengües”, are one of our main hallmarks. We also use piqué, 100% cotton and exclusive plaited trimming ribbons.


The sole and thread of all the espadrilles is made of ecological, biodegradable and recyclable jute.


Our designs are unique, the result of a detailed study of the fabrics and the most appropriate color combinations to achieve an elegant and timeless design.

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