US TWO – Nät

Nät represents our union as sisters, our desire to walk together and share our taste for “the good work”. We are Sabela and Fara or Fara and Sabela, whatever you prefer, the order is the least important because it means the same thing: us. We love fashion as a means of expression, we like the authentic and the summer that feels beyond the seasons, in the heat of good times.

For us, Nät represents the opportunity to unite our worlds, physically separated by the Mediterranean Sea, and unite even more as sisters. Fara from Madrid and Sabela from Mallorca, civil engineer and art historian, we bring together our values and experiences as entrepreneurs in the luminous universe of Nät.

Definition of Nat:

Representation of the sound of the word knot, knot in English. The knot symbolizes our unity as sisters and the strength of the stitches of our handmade espadrilles made in Spain. It also means natural, just like the fibers and fabrics we use to make our espadrilles and bags sustainable. And the two flying dots, almost dreamy, that crown Nät are very us, always walking together looking ahead and wanting to move forward.

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